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Yes, I write too!!


I love writing.  I always have.  I've kept a journal since I am thirteen.  Bet you would love to read that first entry wouldn't you? Not gonna happen.  Well...maybe one day.  When I write the tell all book of my life.  Until then you can maybe read one of my scripts.


I don't journal much these days except for the occasional 4AM rant on my computer when I can't sleep and my brain is in overdrive about every possible thing going on in my life.  Again, I think I'll keep those to myself.


I mostly write down ideas, ideas and more ideas.  I write down ideas everywhere.  On my phone. On scrap paper.  On toilet paper.  On the back of a bank statement.  On my hand. On my wife's hand.  On a strangers hand.  Seriously!  Wherever there is a place to write...I write.  Like right now, I am writing to tell you about my writing.  On a computer.  Typing. Now. Amazing right. Not so much. 


Bottom line: I LOVE TO WRITE.


Most of my writing is for Film and TV.  I have written many short films and at least a half dozen, half finished screenplays.  My greatest accomplishments as a writer are my first feature, FARM GIRL IN NY and my short film, TYCO PARKS THE CAR.  


There is nothing harder than holding yourself accountable to an idea and seeing it through from idea to finished product. FARM GIRL and TYCO are both complete works.  They were written, filmed, and completed.  Both are available on the internet and for private one man shows.  For only $3,000 dollars I will come to a venue of your choice and perform for you.  That doesn't sound right.  Forget I ever said that.  However if you have $3,000 dollars I'm sure we can come up with something clean and fun for me to do.  Mow your lawn.  Do some dishes.  Watch your children.  Or star in your next short film.  


Back to the writing! I had the pleasure of joining a writing team on a great new web series called ALPHABET BOYS.  The show is in pre-production and I am proud to be on the writing team.


My latest feature, A LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS is one of my favorite screenplays.  It's the story of an aspiring director who must find a way to make Hannukah the greatest thing since Christmas.  It's a funny, charming story that is a loving tribute to theatre, the elderly and the insanity of the Holidays.  It is currently being shopped with Marobru productions.  


For any writing inquiries please drop me an email.  If you have a good idea I might just be open to it.  Of course if you would like to hire me I CAN DO THAT TOO!!


I invite you to enjoy a copy of my short film, TYCO PARKS THE CAR.  Click on title and you can read it! If you like it let me know. If you don't like it, that's fine.  Just don't let me know.  I love you.  If there is anything else you would like to know about me then sign up for my newsletter for updates about all things Jeff.









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